Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What's Going On Wednesday: Pandemic Postings

I've decided to post my thoughts about the pandemic and the what's happening in this area each Wednesday. Every day would be too much for me personally, so once a week I'm sharing my thoughts about it all and what's going on with us.

It's still blah outside but I hear from our local weather people the sun is coming. Today even.

In a bit of shock about how quickly the number of cases of Covid-19 rose in our state.

(Can we just take a minute and agree that's a dumb name for a pandemic virus? As is the Corona virus...thirsty? Sars-Cov-2. So many names. Part of me feels like if they'd called it Sars-Cov-2 instead of all this other mumbo jumbo perhaps people would've been more inclined to listen. Then again, what do I know? "That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet." Still be the same virus?)

Last week when I posted we were at around 13 cases in our state. This week the number stands at 272. School is now out until April 24 and our county as well as several surrounding ones (basically the KC metro area) is on lock-down. I think until April 24 as well.

What We're Watching

G and I were discussing the psychology of it. Now that we have loads of time to watch stuff, I don't have any desire to watch anything. Though I am keeping up with Little Fires Everywhere. New episode today. Maybe I'll find a movie later. Just not really in the mood.

Still watching the birds. Later, J agreed to help me come up with a plan to raccoon-proof the suet feeder. Sneaky thing is getting into from the top somehow.

Music Choices

Found a great Disney jazz album on Amazon music called Everybody Wants to Be a Cat.  And J put on some Legend of Zelda jazz he found on You Tube for me yesterday. The Disney acoustic guitar tunes didn't do it for me...just personal taste. Today, I'll probably finish listening to the movie scores...can't remember the exact title. 

Turns out in regards to the first title, I think I am a cat. I don't mind being home so much but all these other people? They're cramping my style! 

Other Random Thoughts And Tidbits From The Week

I went with my husband to Home Depot on Monday night just before all the lock down stuff started.
He needed work stuff and I needed bird seed and garden supplies. Can't quite describe my shock at the number of people not doing the social distancing thing in the store. I was doing my best to avoid all people. We checked out in the garden area where there were no people. And used hand sanitizer in the truck and washed our hands the minute we got home.

J made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast this morning. I offered and he suggested he could just make them himself.
Just from a mix but it was nice to have someone else making breakfast for a change. Also, makes me think about Easter. I'm going to miss hosting Easter Brunch this year. I just don't think I can in good conscience do it. Not to mention April 12 is still right in the middle of our lock down. Going to have to think outside the box for Easter this year.

Our very minimal Spring Break fun yesterday was simply to have Root Beer Floats for dessert after dinner.

I told G the next dsystopian novel I become stuck in better darn well be one where we can leave the house. He said this is just level one of a video game and the big boss battle will be in December. Let's hope that's wrong!

This stuff's been my friend lately. Last night was the first night I really tossed and turned in a while...probably from not doing enough yesterday.

I find I tend to get crankiest in the early afternoons and evenings. Not sure why. Maybe just run down from staying inside at home all day? Definitely going to go outside and soak up some sunshine if it shows today.

Remember back in January when we were all thinking about our word of the year? I picked the word "Home" SIGH. Don't even get me started on the irony of that one.

How are you holding up during this pandemic?

Monday, March 23, 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday, Spring Break Week

It's Spring Break week. Of course, it's the second week of everyone being home from school. Our local public schools are now out until April 24. However, this week IS Spring Break and we are going to treat it like that (as much as we can). 

I tried to sleep in this morning but only made it until 7:00 thanks to the efforts of a little gray cat. Forgetting to turn off all my alarms last night didn't help. 

Let's go ahead and look at our week ahead. Joining in with the wonderful Sandra, our host of Happy Homemaker Monday, over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom.

 The Weather

Looks more like a Zombie movie than a "shelter in place" pandemic right now.  

It's only supposed to hit the mid 50's today with another slight chance of rain, bigger chance of rain tomorrow. Then, the 60's with maybe some sunshine and maybe some thunderstorms. So, typical spring weather for us.

How I Am Feeling This Morning

Honestly, I don't even know. I'm awake, not tired. 

On My Mind

I'm thinking about how to make spring break fun when there aren't really a lot of things to do. Of course, I have the advantage of a kid who's always been a bit of a homebody. Our county is under a stay at home order starting Tuesday. Seems strange to read back to my post just last week stating our how our state had a low infection rate and now it stands at around 90 cases. SIGH. Just trying to take one day at a time (hey, that's a TV show! I haven't watched the reboot) or maybe one week. 

On My To Do List

  1. Still need to pay the bills (nothing pressing) 
  2. Fill out the Census thing
  3. Laundry
  4. Work on my blog
  5. Clean the house (it's not awful)
  6. Go to the grocery store (trying to put that off until later this week...too many crazy people who can't can STILL go to the store during the stay at home thing)
  7. Bring up the neighbor's empty trash bin 
  8. Get some family history stuff down and ready for J to work on next week (he's going to translate some documents from German for me)
  9. Vacuum the basement (might have G do this for me)

On My Breakfast Plate

I had French Toast Sticks (the frozen kind from a box) with J. He apparently stayed up all night! Well, it IS Spring Break so I didn't get too upset about it. And I had coffee, of course. Might go have a yogurt in a bit just to add some protein.

On My Reading Pile

Still working my way through 11/22/63 by Stephen King. It's a huge, thick library book. Since I like to read at night, I also keep a couple book choices on my phone's Kindle app. Last week I finished The Color Purple by Alice Walker. Interesting but not what I expected. And now, I've started on The President Is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson. (Not an audio book fan but if I were, I'd love to hear this one if Bill Clinton narrated it).

TV Viewing

Working my way slowly through Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu (I've read the book). And watched a few episodes of The Flash with G as well as the latest episode of D.C. Legends of Tomorrow. And the following movies: Ghost Rider (Why?), Monster-In-Law (Glad I didn't pay theater prices for that even back in the 2000's), and A Star Is Born (Great movie but not exactly uplifting...your eyes may water, a lot). And finally, I've been watching Jimmy Fallon and his The Tonight Show: At Home Edition bits each night. 

On The Menu This Week  
Banana bread muffins

Probably no surprise that like most everyone else probably, I'm trying to work through what we already have here.

MONDAY: Roast in the Crock Pot *J has a baritone lesson but I think it's probably cancelled?*

TUESDAY: Spaghetti

WEDNESDAY: Chicken wings (from freezer)

THURSDAY: Left-overs (roast or spaghetti or fend for yourself)

FRIDAY: Turkey hot dogs, chips, strawberry cupcakes

From The Camera

Sign of spring:

Note: Batteries Take Hours To Recharge On A Cat Alarm: 
Here's A Not So Creepy Story, A fairly decent close-up photos of a Brown Creeper: 

In addition to spotting this Brown Creeper unusually close on the branch where the suet feeder hangs, I also spotted an Eastern towhee and J spotted (and then, I saw it as well), a Yellow Bellied Sap-Sucker Woodpecker. Both new birds for me to see in our backyard! Hoping to see one or both of those again to maybe get photos.

Looking Around The House

Surprisingly, it's not too bad. No worse than usual anyway.

Chore I'm Not Looking Forward To Today Or This Week

Grabbing the neighbor's trash bin. We always pull it up from the curb for them (they're older) but I can see today where for some reason, two trash bags are beside it that I'll have to throw back into the bin. Add that to the gray, misty stuff out there. Yuck!

To Relax This Week I Will

Turn off the TV, play some peaceful music, do more bird-watching.

On My Prayer List

All those suffering from this virus, whether in big or little ways. All of you. Our country. The World.

Quote For The Week

Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?  (Matthew 6:26)


How are you planning to spend the week ahead?

Friday, March 20, 2020

Five On Friday: Happy Spring!

Yesterday, spring officially started. Today marks the "official" first day of Spring Break for J though he's been out of school since last week and won't go back until April 6 (unless things change again).

After too many days of gloomy skies and rain, the sun made an appearance yesterday! It was nice to see a bit of blue sky.

Thankful, we took advantage of it as it's back to cloudy (and cold!) this morning. We planned on a walk around the block but at J's suggestion, we ended up taking a nice, long (and much needed) walk all the way to his old elementary school and back. 


One: The sun! Peeking out from behind the clouds in this photo but it was there.

Two: Geese around the pond at the end of our street. 

Three: Spring flowers blooming! 

Our yard is covered in Glory of the Snow. We also saw lots of these tiny blue ground cover flowers everywhere: 
 A quick Internet search makes me think they are called Creeping Blue Veronica. We also spotted some blooming Forsythia (was my late mother's favorite bloom): 
And some Creeping Phlox (my late father always referred to them as Sweet William.) One of my personal favorites for early spring blooms: 

Four: Creatures Watching Us: 

This squirrel thought we looked suspicious! As did several dogs in backyards who were quick to let us know. We also saw a few house cats who didn't care what we were doing. And of course, the occasional human though we kept our responsible distances. 

Five:  Lots of Mud! 

The photo above is from beside our front porch. Lots of rain means lots of mud. Thankfully, it also means the world is turning green again instead of brown. And more flowers blooming soon.


My mood improved 200% or more after J and I took our walk. If you can, get out there and get a little fresh air and sunshine. Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

What's Going On Wednesday: Random Thoughts During A Pandemic

I just read a post by my blogging friend, Carol, over at Pure Sugar about the importance of keeping a journal of sorts during this surreal time. 

So each Wednesday I'm going to share a little about what things are like in our small corner (actually we are in the middle). 

In the KC area today, it looks like the rain might be lifting. It's been raining/cloudy/blah outside since Sunday. I'm really missing that sunshine! 

Our state (Missouri) reported 13 cases of the virus in the state and yesterday, the first reported case in our county. On Monday, we were in the 1-5 cases range.

Public schools in our area are closed until April 6. That happened Monday night. As did the closing except for take-out/carry-out of all restaurants. Most entertainment venues are closed. 

My preschool remains open (though I'm not working this week so far) but will be on Spring Break next week. It also functions as a daycare so will likely remain open.

Across the state-line in Kansas, there are 16 cases reported with their governor closing all public and private schools for the rest of the school year. Most colleges in both states are transitioning over to on-line courses.

What we're watching: 

I started in on Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu and am going to pace myself...3 episodes are up but I only watched one. (Great book if you've never read it!)  And I showed G one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes, Frogger. It's also the one where Elaine eats the really old cake. 

Yesterday, in the mood for some humor instead of dire news, I watched the oh so stupid but oh so funny movie, Night At The Roxbury.

G said he watched Edward Scissorhands last night. And of course, we've watched so much news! Well, not J so much. He's been mostly on-line with his friends or watching his Japanese anime series. Or listening to music. 

And...I've also been watching the Chickadees build a nest (I hope) in an abandoned wren house.

My Music Choices: 

At some point each morning, I've been forcing myself to turn off all the news and listen to some relaxing music while I do some basic housekeeping. Yesterday, it was Celtic Music for Meditation in honor of Saint Patrick's Day. Today, I had the Miles Davis jazz going. 

It's also when I light a candle to give the house a more "homey" vibe. Alternating between Daydream and Relax scents right now.

Other Random Thoughts And Tidbits From The Week:

J and I didn't get our traditional Shamrock shakes from McDonald's yesterday. Didn't seem worth the risk though I may cave before the week ends.

G is home again after house-sitting for his uncle. I'm glad to have us all at home even if he was just down the road a bit. I feel for those who have children stranded in far away places. 

I still find it ironic that as the stores run short on toilet paper, the fruits and vegetables were available in abundance when I shopped on Sunday morning. J eats an apple almost every day (along with the fair share of teenage junk food) so I'm glad they were there. 

Each morning so far, I've went ahead and showered/got myself more or less ready for the day. I do think it helps the mood.

Remaining cautiously optimistic. How are things in your corner of the world?

Monday, March 16, 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday, Strange Times

Missed posting last week. It's certainly been an odd and uncertain two weeks. My long-term subbing position didn't quite work out (long story to share perhaps another time). However, they did keep me busy subbing in other classrooms and helping in the office a bit.

Not much I can say about the state of the world. Hopefully, in a month or two things will settle down. We're fortunate to (currently) live in a state with a low infection rate (5 cases statewide and none in our county). J's school took proactive measures last night and closed for the next two weeks, spring break starting 4 days earlier than scheduled. My preschool is still currently open.

After being out of the loop with the Happy Homemaker Monday world, I'm excited to hop back into it and see what I've been missing. And to get a handle on planning the week ahead. I miss these posts so much when I don't do them!

The Weather

Gloomy. A great day for sleeping although I made myself get up and get ready for the day. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and cool, high of 53 but then, we get a couple more rainy (and stormy) days with warmer weather. I'm hoping to get out there and see that sunshine for a bit tomorrow!

How I Am Feeling This Morning

Cautiously optimistic. And a bit restless. Trying to keep the anxiety level down. I think it's going to be a less news and more music kind of day. 

On My Mind

Same thing as you probably. The things I need to get done today. And the rest of the week.

On My To Do List 

I did all my grocery/errand shopping early yesterday morning.

  1. Pay Bills
  2. Clean bathrooms
  3. Finish laundry (did most of it over the weekend)
  4. Clean up the downstairs
  5. Create a welcome home package for my brother and his wife (they were out of town attending a wedding, happened before things became more serious)
  6. Talk to J about getting a schedule going for this week (want to be respectful of his Spring break time next week)
  7. Clean cat box
  8. Write a letter/send a couple of cards in the mail
  9. Work on my blog a bit

On The Breakfast Plate

Chobani Flip Key-Lime Pie Yogurt and coffee

On My Reading Pile

I've got two books going right now. Started reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King, good thick library book for the days ahead and the library closed until the end of the month. And last night, started in on The Color Purple by Alice Walker on my Kindle app on my phone. In case your library is also closed and you aren't aware, there are lots of books to read for free if you have Amazon Prime (search prime's separate from the Kindle Unlimited, also a great although not free source of reading material).

TV Viewing

Too much news. No desire to watch the action type thriller shows that usually attract me. Seriously, who are you people watching Outbreak right now? I can't do it. Watched the movie Legally Blonde on Saturday as well as Hitch on Sunday afternoon. 

On The Menu This Week

All subject to change but this is roughly my plan...

MONDAY: Steak bites and baked potatoes *J has a baritone lesson at 6:30* 

TUESDAY: Roast in the crock pot, salad, Lucky Charms treat bars for dessert *Possible plans/may get cancelled*

WEDNESDAY: BBQ chicken, rice, salad *I have a hair appointment at 5*

THURSDAY: Chicken Fried Steak and mashed potatoes

FRIDAY: Taco salads

From The Camera

During my full weeks of working, I didn't do very good (at all) picking up my camera. Picked it up for a bit on Saturday. Hoping to do much better this week! 

Looking Around The House

It's in pretty good shape, just needs the usual pick up and a deep clean.

Chore I'm Not Looking Forward To Today Or This Week

It's always going to be the cat box clean out!

To Relax This Week I Will 

Turn off the news, listen to some peaceful music,
get outside for some fresh air and sunshine! 

On My Prayer List

All those dealing with this virus whether it be physically or mentally. 

Quote For The Week

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27 NIV

(Found at: flourishing today)


Happy Saint Patrick's Day Tomorrow! What are your plans for this week ahead? Don't forget to go visit our host of this link-up, Sandra, over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom!

Monday, March 2, 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday, March is Here!

So I dropped a few balls during my transition to working a full-time schedule last week. Such as posting on my blog. Oops.

Coming down with some sort of cold didn't help either. However, I'm on the mend and ready to jump back into blogging this week. I missed having a Happy Homemaker Monday post to reference. And I very much missed seeing what Sandra over at Diary of a Stay At Home Mom and all my other blogging friends were doing with their weeks.

Posting on Sunday because I won't have time tomorrow morning (no 4 AM blog posting is going to happen around here) or evening (J's lesson night). Let's look at the week ahead.

The Weather  

It's beautiful outside. Unfortunately, I spent most the weekend inside forcing myself to get some much needed rest. I'm sure I'll get some outside time at preschool this week. Highs in the 50's and 60's all week and it looks like they removed the rain chances. Hooray!

How I Am Feeling This Morning

This morning I woke up tired with a stuffy nose. Hoping tomorrow I wake up feeling a bit better. 

On My Mind

The week ahead, it might be a bit busier than usual. Deciding whether or not to get out my spring/summer clothes. Probably a bit too soon but I'm sick of my winter stuff.

On My To Do List

  1. Grocery store/Target/Dollar Store...not sure if all will happen
  2. Take back library books
  3. Plan my line times for the upcoming week
  4. Clean bathrooms
  5. Maybe start some seeds indoors

On The Breakfast Plate

Sausage and biscuits today (Sunday) but tomorrow will be a Chobani Flip Key Lime Yogurt

On My Reading Pile

Read 3 books this week/weekend. The Feed by Nick Clark Windo, The Other Mrs. and The Good Girl, both by Mary Kubica. I probably enjoyed The Feed the most of the three simply because I'd watched the series on Amazon and it was a bit different. The other two were standard thrillers, keep forgetting I'm not a huge fan of Mary Kubica. Maybe I'm mixing her up with another author. 

TV Viewing

Husband and I are watching Deputy together on Thursdays(?I think). Other than that, I'm currently in the middle of binge watching 11.22.63 on Hulu. It's pretty good, book requested from library. 

On The Menu This Week

MONDAY: Needs to be semi-quick and easy as J's lesson is at 6:30. 

TUESDAY: Taco salads? Maybe steak bites?

WEDNESDAY: Band concert night so leaning toward picking up Subway on my way home from work.

THURSDAY: Pork chops

FRIDAY: J has no school. Probably frozen shrimp in air fryer, maybe with rice?

From The Camera

I was not good about picking up the camera last week. AT ALL. Picked it up a tiny bit this morning. Mixed in are a few from last weekend when it was also super nice outside.

Looking Around The House

It's been worse. 

Chore I'm Not Looking Forward To Today Or This Week

Tuesday is my day to clean/check bathrooms at work. Not a fun part of the job.

To Relax This Week I Will

Enjoy being outside, read my books, listen to music

On My Prayer List

The teacher I'm working for these next two months that her surgery went well and she has a great recovery. My son and his friend as they set off on a short travel adventure tomorrow. Friends, family, strangers.

Quote For The Week

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Keeping The Laundry Basket Fresh

Happy Thursday! I'm finally all moved over and trying to get settled in my new blog home. And trying to get my real home in some order before I start two months of solid full-time working away from it.

Just a quick Tiny Tip on a Thursday post as I'm trying to do all the things today. All those things, of course, include the laundry. 

Am I the only one who sometimes wonders about taking the dirty clothes out of the laundry basket only to dump clean clothes where the dirty clothes just sat? Especially stinky boy dirty clothes?

My solution to keeping J's laundry basket (I ordered it for the hallway & he immediately claimed it as his own...but he does put his dirty clothes in it so no complaints from this mom.) from getting super stinky as it sits full of dirty clothes:

I put a used dryer sheet in the bottom of it! The used sheets are also great for keeping suitcases from getting stinky as well.

What do you do with your used dryer sheets?

What's Going On Wednesday: Pandemic Postings

I've decided to post my thoughts about the pandemic and the what's happening in this area each Wednesday. Every day would be too muc...